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Cooper Newman Real Estate offers a unique blend of Residential Sales, Project Marketing & Management, with specialist Divisions for Aged Care & Retirement Living. With a strong focus on continuous education and negotiation training, our award winning team applies a system of selling to enable us to guarantee the highest sale price.

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We were very fortunate to purchase a property through Greg. We are very happy with the purchase and appreciate Greg’s hard work to get us there. Very honest, genuinely wanting to help and no pressure placed us during the decision making time. Thank you. Highly recommend.

Karen Morrissey

Courtney has been amazing throughout the buying process, always keeping us informed and up to date with what’s happening with the property we wanted to purchase. Things were made even more complex by Covid restrictions but Courtney bent over backwards to help us out and make sure we had all the information we needed to put in an offer and complete the purchase. If we were ever going to sell the property we just purchased, Courtney would be the first call I make. Thanks so much for everything!

Pat Clancey

Greg is truly a man of integrity in all his dealings. He was always honest and transparent with us and the purchaser. Greg worked extremely hard on our behalf even under challenging circumstances and as a result impressed us with a final sale price that exceeded the advertised price, using Cooper Newman’s Smart Sale. Thank you and well done!

Melinda Tresize

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May You Live in Interesting Times

May You Live in Interesting Times

Whilst not the Chinese curse it has been thought to be, this quote neatly sums up the dilemma we currently face in not just Australia, but the world today. With war, blockades, weaponization of currency and commodities and climbing inflation, we are all starting to...

Real Estate’s Next Phase

Real Estate’s Next Phase

When we suggested a Market Shift was beginning, last November, it was met with some scepticism. This was understandable, since we were encouraging those that had been considering selling to maybe bring their plans forward. So, it could be seen as self-interest. Now...

What A Market Shift Looks Like

What A Market Shift Looks Like

Property is an almost entirely safe topic for an interesting conversation. Introduce real estate at a BBQ and you’ll get engagement. Most people have an opinion; many are planning a purchase or a sale at some point in the near future. Certainly, there will be plenty...

Yes, It’s Still A Sellers’ Market BUT Change Is In The Air

Yes, It’s Still A Sellers’ Market BUT Change Is In The Air

Records are still being set for property prices in Melbourne. There is still a pool of buyers waiting for new listings to come onto the market. This excess demand is working in favor of sellers and prices are still creeping up. But the slowdown in price growth may be...