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Most home sellers sell for much less than they could have sold for – and never even know

Conventional real estate salespeople only push your price so far, rarely to the true maximum. That means buyer walk away with money still in their pocket rather that yours, because you’ve unknowingly accepted less than what they were prepared to pay.

At Cooper Newman Real Estate, we use the Smart Sale to ensure buyers offer their absolute limit for your property.

We guarantee you will never undersell your property.

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Extra money our sellers gained using the Smart Sale


Mount Waverley

“We were ecstatic and shocked with the highest offer being $362,000 more than the under-bidder.

The extra $361,000 has changed our lives!”

Roger & Beth

 from Burwood East

“We would have undersold our home by $102,000 if we had gone down the traditional auction path. That was the gap between the 1st and 2nd bidder.”


from Mount Waverley

“It could have been a disaster if we’d sold with a public auction, as there ended up only being one bidder. But they still paid $56,100 more than our asking price using the Smart Sale. We were blown away!”

Lastest Stats

From July 2019 – Jan 2021, through our use of Smart Sale, our clients have gained an extra $37, 615 on average from each property sale.

That’s a significant amount to spend on your next property and other lifestyle upgrades!

Sell Your Property at the Highest Price with Cooper Newman and get :

Guaranteed Result

Absolutely $0 cost without a sale. Selling fees only apply when your property is sold at the best price

The Buyer Magnet Method

Our proven process that ensures we attract & convert the buyers in ANY market

Professional Negotiators

All our agents are trained to use the Smart Sale, proven to drive higher selling prices than the typical industry systems.

In your private meeting with us, you will find out:

• The likely sale price of your property
• The current state of the market
• Market report showing recent sales (CMA)
• The best timing for selling your property
• How to prepare your home to maximise the sale price

About The Smart Sale

Smart Sale is a unique negotiation method designed to demonstrably produce the best sale price.

As of 2021, homes sold via Smart Sale achieved approximately 3%-4% above the typical selling methods.

For a $1.5M dollar property, that equates to $50,000+ extra in value.

All our agents are trained, and certified to use the Smart Sale, a system proven to drive higher selling prices than conventional selling systems.

What Our Clients Say

Responding to a card dropped in my letterbox, I found Susie Tan to be cheerfully professional. She guided me through the selling process, kept me informed of the campaign’s progress and achieved a healthy sale price.

Christine Hall

I moved to Melbourne 4 years ago and needed to find a place of my own fast. Cooper Newman helped me find a place super fast and I have been with them ever since. Only last year the owner of the property I was renting was demolishing the house to redevelop, again Cooper Newman came to the rescue and found me another property literally 500m down the road. They really do take ever care of their tenants and in the future when I decide to buy it’s clear who I will be turning to. Thank you

Garry Watts Garry Watts

Engaged Cooper Newman as my property manager in 2011 and dealing with them and having them look after my property has been a wonderful, stress free experience. I couldn’t ask for better. Melisa Pettiford who handles my rental property has been amazing with her efficiency, attention to detail and professional handling of the relationship between landlord and tenant. She keeps me adequately informed of my property and I really appreciate how she runs by me any maintenance expenses before they are incurred so that there are no unwanted surprises. Being able to enjoy the stability and familiarity of dealing with the same manager for so long is also a plus point for me. Keep up the great work!!

Gwen Leong Gwen Leong

I would like to thank the entire team at Cooper Newman. Your company made the entire selling process easy, from start to finish. At all times, staff were courteous, timely and efficient in providing feedback. Regular calls were made to me to alert me of my obligations upon sale of the property.

I would particularly like to commend Susie Tan for her outstanding effort in selling the home. She was professional, reliable, caring and showed extreme patience in dealing with me as a client, who had undertaken the very difficult and daunting task of parting with the family home.

I would 100% recommend Cooper Newman and Susie Tan to prospective sellers.


Thanks for your guidance and assistance with our sale. You have done a great job of keeping us informed of progress at every step along the way and you have always been available on the phone when we needed answers. Your calm approach, professional expertise and commitment to the job have only been exceeded by your cheerful manner. We thank you for helping us achieve an excellent result.

Nigel and Jenny

My experience with Cooper Newman was seamless. I was regularly informed and kept up to speed with sale on my house. I couldn’t have asked for a better operator. I highly recommend Emma as a sales professional to take care of any real estate transactions.


My experience with Cooper Newman was seamless. I was regularly informed and kept up to speed with sale on my house. I couldn’t have asked for a better operator. I highly recommend Emma as a sales professional to take care of any Real Estate transactions.

Stevo and Vladimir

We’ve lived in this house for 35 years and the thought of selling through public auction with crowds of curious and perhaps irresponsible people tramping through our much-loved home, was not a plus – nor was the prospect of an unsatisfactory price, dependant on many uncontrolled factors at a distant moment in time. But we’d heard about Cooper Newman’s ‘silent auction’ and the explanation and process sounded promising. We were fortunate to have the services of their resident genie, Susie Tan, who sparkled with irrepressible energy and optimism in guiding buyers in family groups around the property. We were equally impressed by an initial visit from the entire CN team. Susie was unfailingly courteous and considerate in organising matters with us and in a relatively short time her astute negotiation produced a short list of serious buyers. The bid date was based on an assessment of interest peaking over two weeks and climaxing in a calling for bids – silent bids. We were very pleased with the price we got for our house and with the dignity of the process that allowed interested parties time to gain information and us to make a decision without undue pressure.

Paul and Sandra

We were extremely satisfied and impressed by Emma’s handling of our recent property sale. She was proactive, well-researched, energetic and highly professional throughout. We credit Emma with the timely and successful outcome we achieved and recommend her work without reservation.

Anne and Rod Carne

For the sale of the family home, Cooper Newman Real Estate was our real estate agent of choice as it is part of the Jenman Group which follows the ethical real estate principles and values set out by Neil Jenman. As part of its service, free copies of Neil Jenman’s Help for Home Sellers and Peter O’Malley’s Real Estate Uncovered were sent by Cooper Newman prior to signing up. The information contained therein proved very helpful in shining a light on how to sell our property and was much appreciated.
The staff and sales team carried out all their dealings with us in a professional and helpful manner, underscored by courtesy and goodwill on the part of everyone. At no time did there seem to be a deviation from the agreed-to sale plan or the relevant Jenman principles, as set out in the above-mentioned material.

The time-consuming work put in by ‘The foot soldiers’ of the sales team, always keeping us aware of what was going on and willing to gather any further information which could be of use in the presentation process, was particularly noted by us and have our commendation.
At the end of the sale campaign period, the Cooper Newman team realized a selling price much higher than that which had been initially expected. The use of private bidding as opposed to going to auction was good advice and we can see how it has operated to our advantage. This achievement was most pleasing and beyond our expectations. It confirmed that following the Jenman recommended ethical principles and strategies used by Cooper Newman, good outcomes in the interests of vendors such as ourselves could be achieved.
After such a positive experience in selling a property, we would not hesitate in recommending the services of Cooper Newman Real Estate to anyone interested in engaging an agency for the sale of any real estate.

Judith Bognar and Andrew Bognar

I would like to share my experience in dealing with Emma Yu (as a purchaser) Emma has been wonderful to deal with since the very start! She is a keen listener and really understood our requirements and priorities as a prospective buyer She kept us well informed about the progress on the offer we had put on the property and helps both the parties close the deal with the minimum of fuss and stress! She is very friendly and professional which can really make the process of finding your dream home a reality!

Veb Tanu

I was satisfied with the honest and direct feedback and advice provided by Cooper Newman staff. The method and system of sale described in the preliminary meeting, closely matched the actions and conduct Cooper Newman staff provided subsequently. The sales outcome also closely matched the stated expectation, because the house did indeed sell within three weeks. I was grateful that the sale method was by best offer private sale rather than by auction. I noticed that other sales conducted by auction in the same area at the same time resulted in some of these properties being passed in, even if the weather on the day of the auction was fine. I think the sales price obtained by Cooper Newman was very good.

Paul Johnson

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8 Questions Smart Home Sellers Ask

A guide to ensuring your real estate agent really is working in your best interest.

You’re entitled to maximise the sale price of your property

Your agent has an obligation to make that happen.

Your buyer shouldn’t feel like they got a bargain.

Know that you received every dollar the buyer was prepared to pay and enjoy the highest price your property can achieve!

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