Cooper Newman’s Property Managers in Mount Waverley Can Help You Find & Manage Tenants

Once you have a rental property up and running, it can deliver a consistent and sizeable return on investment for you. If you own a house, apartment building, townhouse, condo or some other type of property that is not currently in use, repurposing it as a rental—at least temporarily—can be a fantastic way to put a little extra cash in your pocket.

Unfortunately, being a landlord isn’t an easy task. How do you find tenants? How do you respond to maintenance calls or other tenant enquiries in the middle of the day when you are busy at work? How do you find time in a busy schedule to chase down tenants who don’t pay rent on time? How do you deal with evicting tenants who haven’t paid rent in a few months? All these questions have been asked by landlords before you, and all of them tend to lead property owners to hire professional property management teams in Mount Waverley.

Consider Cooper Newman as Your Property Manager in Mount Waverley

At Cooper Newman Real Estate, we are happy to offer our property management services in Mount Waverley. If you are thinking about renting out one of your properties and need someone to take on day-to-day landlord duties, we can play that role for you.

Cooper Newman can also offer a strong assist in helping you find tenants for your rentals. Unlike many property managers in Mount Waverley and other surrounding areas, we are a full-service real estate agency. We regularly work with individuals looking to buy new homes or sell their current houses. As a result, our site gets a fair amount of traffic from people who are looking for places to live.

To help our clients sell their homes, we create online profiles for each property that is currently in our portfolio. These profiles include detailed property descriptions, at-a-glance details about each property (e.g. number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, number of garage parking spots, etc.) and professionally taken, full-colour photographs

Companies that hire us for our Mount Waverley property management services get the same perks. If you decide to rent out your property but don’t have a tenant yet, we can create a profile on our website to expand the visibility of your listing. Once someone rents your property, we will take down the listing to avoid confusion. However, if you ever lose a tenant and need to find a new renter, we can re-list your property. With us as your property managers, you have built-in access to our high profile real estate website.

Get Your Property Listed on Cooper Newman’s Website Today

Do you want a profile for your rental on the Cooper Newman website? That service, along with all the other time and hassle saving perks of hiring a third party property manager, is just a phone call away. To hire Cooper Newman as your property management in Mount Waverley, start by dialling us on 03 9831 9831.

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