Cooper Newman Real Estate: Emphasising Strong Relationships as the Core of Our Property Management Services in Burwood East

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When it comes to rental property management, nothing matters more than strong relationships: between the tenant and the property manager, and between the property manager and the property owner. At Cooper Newman Real Estate, when we take on the role of property manager in Burwood East, we always strive to establish friendly, communicative relationships—on both sides of the table.

Our Commitment to Strong Relationships

At Cooper Newman, we understand that property owners and investors often don’t want to handle landlord duties for their own rental properties. Being a landlord is hard work, involving a lot of bookkeeping, paperwork and yes, relationship management. The average rental property owner simply doesn’t have the time to serve as the landlord for that property.

For this reason, many property owners will hire third-party companies to handle property management on their behalf. Cooper Newman is one such third party company, offering property management in Burwood East and other nearby areas. Because of these arrangements, property owners will often not interact with their tenants at all. Every part of the tenant relationship falls to the property management company—from signing the lease to handling maintenance requests.

Needless to say, if you plan to hire a third party property manager in Burwood East, it’s important to find someone who you trust. It would be all too easy for a property owner to fall out of the loop entirely about the ongoing management of their properties.

When you work with Cooper Newman Real Estate, we will do everything we can to maintain a strong working relationship with you. We may be managing the property, but it is still your property. You deserve to know what is happening as far as leases, rent payments, repairs, inspections and tenant relationships are concerned. As such, we always keep the lines of communication open with our property owners, keeping you a key part of the process even without requiring you to take on any landlord responsibilities.

We are just as committed to maintaining effective and communicative relationships with your tenants. Tenants who can develop a rapport with their landlords or property managers are more likely to renew their leases. When tenants are renewing their leases, meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about finding new tenants or going a few months without anyone living in one of your rentals. Cooper Newman works to establish these types of strong working relationships with tenants, always being available for lockout calls, maintenance requests or other enquiries. In short, we help tenants feel at home in your rentals, which translates to more consistent cash flow for you.

Hire Cooper Newman as Your Property Manager in Burwood East

Are you looking for a property management team in Burwood East that will keep your tenants happy and keep you in the loop about what is going on with your property? Look no further than Cooper Newman Real Estate. If you are interested in contracting our property management services, you can start by giving us a call on 03 9831 9831.