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First Home Buyer? Buy Now!

May 18, 2019


IF you can afford to do so, there is likely to be no better time to buy your first property. Our new Government, with bipartisan support, has undertaken to ensure that FHB’s can enter the market with as little as 5% deposit, without taking out mortgage insurance. This is to enable them to enter the […]

Is The Property Price Slide Finishing?

May 13, 2019


Well not quite yet. But we are likely through the worst of it. After a fairly steep slide that has resulted in falls of about 25% in the inner and middle Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, the slipping prices have slowed. When it will stop and how much lower it might go, will be affected by […]

How Accurate Are Council & Land Tax Valuations?

May 4, 2019


This question has become a critical one for many owners with the latest Land Tax bills having arrived over the last couple of months. Also, foreign owners have been slugged with dramatically increased rates of tax irrespective of the value of their investment property (an extra 1.5% of the land value on top of what […]

Ethics For Sale

April 6, 2019


Did you know that if a real estate agent refers a property for sale to another agent, a referral fee is paid? In theory, an agent will refer a property to another agent because they believe they are the best agent for the job. Of course, sometimes it’s just because the agency is part of […]

It's All In The Timing

March 2, 2019


In case you haven’t seen any news in the last year or so, property prices in Melbourne (& Sydney) have been falling. But in the news last week, we read Foreign Investment In Real Estate Collapses. Wow! Who would have known? This information from the Foreign Investment Board relates to the 2017/18 statistics, showing a […]

How Is Value Determined?

February 2, 2019


It’s a real challenge for owners when they are looking to sell. The advice they get from agents is highly likely to offer very different figures. Whilst Underquoting has faded as an issue as prices have come back to earth, overquoting to owners is still ever present. This is because agents know that sellers want […]

Why Do Real Estate Agents Lie?

January 19, 2019

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10 Examples with the Best Response of Lies Real Estate Agents Tell in 2019 It is not uncommon for a real estate agent to be tempted into bending the truth to make a sale. This tendency toward dishonesty is perhaps the key reason that the real estate industry has had a tough time dealing with […]

Greed and Fear

January 12, 2019


The two most powerful motivators. Sure, love comes into play as well but in today’s pragmatic society, it is mostly a fringe player. This is why news companies focus on material that taps into these emotions. We are drawn to items that spark an emotional response. So, a new year and the predictions are being […]

Buckle Up

December 10, 2018


With the Victorian election behind us and a thumping win in place for the Andrews Government, what can we expect to happen over the next 4 years? In the sphere of property, the government has identified a number of expectations and intentions covering First Home Buyers, Tax (Stamp Duty, Land Tax etc.), Rental Laws, Shared […]

When The Cop Is Watching

December 1, 2018


Have you noticed that there are some people who only behave well when they know they are being watched? Their main regret when they are exposed for bad behaviour is that they got caught, not because they are sorry for the behaviour. Take the constant stream of convictions of agents all around Australia for deceitful […]

A Perfect Storm: forget a 15-20% price drop

November 24, 2018


The latest “official” figures on Melbourne property prices observe that prices have dropped 4.9% over the last 12 months (Corelogic/RPData). On average, this might be true. But this overlooks that areas of Melbourne have dropped by significantly more than this. Prices in Burwood and surrounding suburbs were typically selling for $2,000+ per m2 at the […]

The Upside to Buying in a Down Market

November 10, 2018


Property prices across many parts of Australia are falling, of that there is now little doubt. The prevailing sentiment would have you believe that falling prices are terrible for all concerned. Admittedly, the net result of those trading in a falling property market is probably to the downside. Make no mistake though, there are still […]

Lies, Damn Lies...

October 20, 2018

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Don’t you just love statistics? Depending on who you listen to, Melbourne property prices are either down about 3% (CoreLogic) in the last year, or UP 5% (REIV). Yes, you read that right, up 5%. Meanwhile, the headlines are screaming a decline of either 15% (Morgan Stanley) from top to bottom of the cycle is […]

The Auction Trap

October 6, 2018


There is an argument for using a public auction to sell your house in a buoyant market. We don’t think it withstands decent, considered scrutiny but at least there is a reasonable argument. But in today’s unarguably soft market, why would anyone do it? Clearance rates are hovering just above 50%. Just think about this […]

A Very Different Market

September 22, 2018


The funny thing about real estate is that there is no such thing as “the market” There are many markets. Take the current sale of the vary large Burwood One, which features Australia’s very first Kmart. Tenders for the sale of this site of almost 60,000 square metres closed last week. It is expected to […]

So, are Chinese Still Investing?

September 15, 2018


What gives? On the one hand, Australia is still supposed to be the 2nd highest destination for property investment for Chinese investors. On the other, they have very obviously, largely disappeared from the local Melbourne market. Whilst tightening credit conditions are a major factor in the continuing slippage in prices that started in Spring 2017, […]

Yesterday’s Profit, Today’s Loss

September 1, 2018


Life really is getting more convenient. Think Uber Eats and even Uber itself. How easy is it to get a great meal delivered to your door? Or to have a clean car pick you up at exactly the right location for a relatively modest cost, whilst being able to see precisely when they’ll be arriving. […]

Cheating and Winning

August 25, 2018


Sometimes life doesn’t seem fair. Picture the riders in the Tour de France who competed for years and didn’t take drugs. They trained hard and were competitive but never really stood a chance of winning. Or even in cricket, Olympics and sometimes business. If someone is cheating, it can make it impossible to win sometimes. […]

Shutting the Door on Foreign Buyers

August 18, 2018

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Wind back the clock 18 months. We were in the middle of a property boom and pressure was mounting on politicians to keep housing affordable. One of the culprits for the prices surging was seen to be foreign buyers. Rather than take the New Zealand route of simply banning them, governments here took a more […]

Renters/Landlords – The Right Balance

August 11, 2018


If both sides in a dispute aren’t happy with the resolution, it usually means the balance is about right. New legislation proposed by the Victorian Government will mean significant change to the current laws for renting. The real estate industry and many landlords aren’t happy with the changes. The Tenant’s Union (Tenant Victoria) says the […]

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